PhD Publication

2018. The Meaning Change of Urban Heritage: A Socio-Semiotic Investigation of Historic Areas in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (PhD Thesis). Go to page

Journals and Conferences

2010. Determination factor of cultural significance of historical area in relation to independence movement in Blitar city

2012. Cultural significance determination as preliminary analysis in preserving urban historical area (Case study on municipality of Blitar, Indonesia). Go to page

2014. Keberagaman Pengguna Ruang Publik Permukiman Di Atas Air Berkepadatan Tinggi. Go to page

2014. Assessment of Public Space Quality Using Good Public Space Index (Case Study of Merjosari Sub District, Municipality of Malang, Indonesia). Go to page

2017. The development concept of Taman Aloon-Aloon Tulungagung based on visual accessibility, diversity of activities and perception of users. Go to page

2018. The ideological meanings of heritage: The conflicting symbols in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Go to page

2019. Heritage and the change of meaning: Understanding the urban heritage in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Go to page

2019. The multi-layered identity of a city: Articulating citizens’ and place identities in Yogyakarta as the city of philosophy. Go to page

2020. Rethinking the Heritage Value from Different Perspectives, Case Study in Yogyakarta. Go to page

General keywords:
Yogyakarta, urban morphology, space syntax, cultural heritage, cultural meaning, socio-semiotics, symbolism, public space, urban settlement, place identity