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If you want to be advanced in writing, you must bear in mind that be a good reader first. Reading is the only way to fill yourself with a broad range of knowledge. Sometimes you will forget what you have recently read, but don’t worry. Just read again, more and more. Reading just like making a well. You have two options in digging a well, you want to have a wide or a deep one. As a beginner, try to widen your well project. Digging a wide well means that you will develop a wide range of knowledge about the same thing. For example, if you want to be advanced in urban design, it is suggested that you have proper knowledge in urban transportation, architecture, urban microclimate and urban sociology. By having a good basis in those areas, you will have firm cognitive awareness in summarizing a comprehensive knowledge of urban design.
Writing is about re-explaining and summarizing ideas grasped from reading. Or in the other words, writing depicts cognitive process about how we learn or understand about a subject. For beginners, there is a number of tips to be a good writer.
- Reading your subject and try to really understand about the topic and other correlated discourses.
- Close your books and try to write a summarize systematically. Develop a concept according your writing focus, then think and plan several headings.
- Develop those headings without any books opened, just labor your comprehension and try to write literally. Writing is an art. Don’t forget it.
- After you develop a good writing, come back to your headings and add some citation accordingly.
- Well done, your writing is finished without any plagiarism.

Well, just get practice!

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