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How to Get Idea for Bachelor Research?

You are a bachelor student and get confused in finding initial research theme? I have several tips for you. Let’s check it out!

1. Find yourself. I start this discussion with a peculiar remark: find yourself. What’s the point? Simple. Only you that have in-depth recognition of yourself (I mean, only you and God that know you, actually), your talents, your problems, your passion, etc. You must know limit of your ability, in the sense of mastery of theory and some basic techniques, and I believe that you have a deep feeling of a research area. You do not need to give excess attentions to weaknesses because you will have some one to help you in tackle them. Pray and find yourself by yourself in God.

2. Just learn from your daily life. We have abundant ideas at every where. On every step, and every sight the world will provide us ideas. Be more sensitive to your daily life to capture many original ideas. Don’t you watch many disasters every where, poverty, lack of pedestrian network, traffic jams, sexual harassments on public space? Those are the original ideas from our daily life.

3. Have many reads. The nature of all student : books are our best friend. Books provide us basic concepts. We find that our academic field is constituted from many topics. Which topic do you prefer or being your strength? Find it and learn from the most basic level from books and only books.

4. Searching for analysis methods, for what? I often criticize students that offer one or several analysis methods at the initial level. The principle is simple: when you acquire good concept of problems and succeed in understanding theory firmly, analysis methods will reveal at once. Remember: Analysis methods are children of couple of parents: theory and problem statement.

5. Recognize your lecturer expertise. It is important to recognize your lecturers because one or two of them will be your supervisor and of course they are the acknowledged expert. Find their research cluster and match it with your idea or research theme. Sometime, several lecturers have private research and they will look for research assistant that of bachelor student and you usually may take it as your research.

6. Ask for someone’s help. Are you stuck? You need a friend or someone for help. Many student cannot finish their research or even have proper idea because they keep problems privately. Speak to your academic counselor, consider him/her as your parent. You also may acquire abundant tips about academic matters from your counselor.

The final remark from me is a quote from my professor: the best research is the accomplished one. It is simple, isn’t it?

Good luck.

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