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ABSTRACT :- Kampong is a form of complex residential area which dominated in Indonesia cities. This kind of residential area usually has mixed use arrangement of parcels that enables the more vibrant public space. Municipality of Malang is one of medieval cities in Indonesia that has kampongs with diverse public space characteristics. Located in a block of sub district of Merjosari, this research tried to explore characteristics of public space in the adjacent local roads and inner part of residential block. From this exploration then could be assessed the public space quality and its relationship with physical features of observed public space. Goals of this research were assessing quality of public space and evaluating the quality in relation to existing physical feature. Valuation of public space quality on this research used the Good Public Space Index (GPSI) concept. Data for this analysis came from observations on day time. Then, the measured GPSI was analyzed using multiple linear regression in relation to build environment components and gain result that of local traffic condition as the main predictor of public space quality.


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